Pascale Fauconnier

AlphaComm Services

Translations, Communication, Events

Translation, revision, copywriting

For all your needs in translation in English-Spanish/French*, Pascale Fauconnier, owner of AlphaComm Services and French native speaker, can provide you with accurate translations or revision and copywriting works in French*.

Holder of a master's degree in translation (English-Spanish/French), Pascale will strive to keep the meaning as close as possible to the source text and to convey your cultural references and idiomatic expressions in the target language. Revision or copywriting can range from only spelling and grammar checks to style rework and structural improvements, enhancing the impact of your documents and the goal you wish to achieve.

At AlphaComm Services, commitment to quality does not affect delivery dates and our effort to offer a competitive price. Yet, AlphaComm will not compromise its quality standards. That is the definition of AlphaComm integrity.

For a quote for a translation, revision or copywriting work, please contact us at You can attach an electronic version of your file(s) or a sample of your file(s). All material will be kept strictly confidential. Prices can vary depending on the nature of your document/work, its volume and linguistic complexity and your deadline.

Coordination of international projects

With AlphaComm, you can rely on much more than translation services. With our experience in international business environments, we also offer trilingual (FR-EN-SP*) freelance services in the coordination of projects in the sectors of sales/marketing, business development and export promotion. We will collaborate with you to launch, implement and follow-up your projects in accordance with your requirements and strategies.

Exhibitions, seminars, events

Your exhibitions, trade shows, seminars/events in Belgium or abroad, as well as your visit programmes (incl. entertainment and business tourism) can also be handled by AlphaComm Services. We have experience in the organization from A to Z of events. For trade shows, this includes: contacts with the exhibition officials, layout of your stand, follow-up with your stand builder, collaboration with your designer on the creation of your marketing supports so that they convey your communication, organization of the shipment of your products with your transport department, supervision of the construction/dismantling phases of your stand, organization of events/catering during the show, public relations.

Liaison/Accompanying interpretation

AlphaComm also provides liaison/accompanying interpretation services in FR-EN-SP*. We put together your visit programmes, take care of your delegations from their arrival at the airport/station till their departure and we accompany you and your guests during their stay (meetings/commercial negotiations, factory visits, sightseeing/business tourism, official dinners, etc…).

For all your needs, do not hesitate to ask for information and explain your projects. You can contact us at or at +32 (0)477 55 14 15.

(*) Upon request, we can propose services in other languages and fields. Please contact us and we will give you a quote. Your project will remain confidential.